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Despite what's going on in the world at large, my company is growing and, as a result, we're continually looking for great store managers. HomeMade Pizza Company has been around since 1997, but we've done most of our expansion in the past 3 years. We went from one store in Chicago to 26 in Chicago, DC, and Minnesota and I have openings in all three markets.We need people with 3-5 years of restaurant and QSR experience. Amazingly, I'm still having a tremendously difficult time finding great candidates. We get quantity from Craig's List, but not always quality. We're just getting a trickle from Career Builder and Monster seems to be a lost cause.Does anyone have any suggestions for finding Managers in this difficult time?

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  • Don't forget if you are hunting elephants, you need to look where the elephants hang out. And remember most of the elephants are working right now, so you have to hunt them where they are, not where somebody says they might be seen. And you must have the right bait to attract them.
    If you are committed to job boards, you should probably stick to industry specific, like Hcareers, (powers the fohboh job board) I haven't really recruited in a while but the recruiter blogs tell me that I should be doing a lot on social networking sites, especially demonstrating why my restaurant is the coolest place to work.
    You undoubtedly already have a bounty system in place for your current team, and they are helping you find more qualified team members. Not just a one time payment for getting a qualified team member on board, but a series of rewards that makes them a stakeholder in the success of their new manager.
    Remember recruiting never sleeps! Good Luck!
  • when are you coming to Reno, NV?

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