Unintentional restaurant humor.

First, as a recruiter, which I am subject to more than my fair share of (other's) bloopers. I have a few on my site, which are getting old. "I am an aspiring food diva" remains a favorite, as does "I am a sensational chef. Please google me." "I desire your assistance or your secretary" was also nice.The following is a piecelet of spam that just floated in.You are a Restaurant Server - Are you Certifiable?Restaurant Server Certification & Examination Weaverville CA April 6th & 7th, 2009 Commit to your Hospitality Career Path Now!:: Restaurant Server Certificate & Certification:: Participate in both days, take the exam and become certified!:: Johnson's Steak House - Trinity Alps Golf Courseyada, are youcertifiable? I sure know a lot of people who are.

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  • FohBoh guys: Can we please, please, please have a bloopers section? Everyone has them. Bloopers make it all worth while.
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