non payment from restaurant owner!

HELP! I was hired as GM & Business Developement for a well known Toronto fine dining restaurant end of Oct./08 (just 3 months ago!). We were extremely busy in Dec. yet my last 3 paychecks have been NSF ... needless to say, I have refused to return until I am paid ... his promise to deposit money is now a tired excuse!...I have filed a claim but do I have any other recourse???

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  • Do you own a gun?
    (j/'re in CA!)
    Know any big mean mafia types?

    I guess you could consider a mild threat that if you're not caught up immediately, you will publicly throw the restaurant under the bus.....on your blog, local TV and Newspaper would probably pick up the story too. That would put him out of business in short fashion and should get his attention.

    It does make me wonder where all the money is going though.
  • That's inexcusable - and,personally, I would rather someone be up front with me than make empty promises week after week. I wonder how his customers would feel about dining there if they knew that he was being dishonest to his employees?

    Are other employees receiving the same poor treatment?
    • thank you KT for your reply! Indeed, upon hire, I emphasized how paramount honesty was to me with regarding his financials due to a current employee NSF problem. He did straighten the chef NSF (who has since left as well!) the problem continued.

      ... yes, most of the team has had the same problem, including NOT receiving their due backs/ tips from non cash sales.

      To make matters worse, I was diagnosed with bone cancer last week. He is aware of this and now find his position on non payment inhumane!!

      Winterlicious is upon us in Toronto and the restaurant is at capacity most evenings (120 seats) ... you are right - I wonder how they would feel dining at such an establishment?!
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