How are you using Linkedin

Other then recruiters I am looking to find out the following related to Linkedin.1. Are you finding it of value?2. How did you learn to use it?3. How much time do you spending using it.4. What are you using it to do?5. Would you like to build a group focused on using it more effectively?

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  • Hello Mel,

    LinkedIn is an incredibly valuable tool for me;

    - Networking gives me and my business exposure
    - I use groups and conversation to enhance my professional and personal career
    - I use LinkedIn to make requests and meet new people
    - I use LinkedIn to research ideas and problems
    - I use LinkedIn to have a voice, post my profile, post my company's information, and encourage people to contact me and ask how my company can help them.

    I access LinkedIn every day as part of my daily routine.

    Hope this helps,

  • Being a software person, here's another viewpoint on how it can be useful.

    Reputation Management - setting up a personal or company profile on linkedin will usually rank highly on Yahoo/Google/MSN searches for your company or name as it is a highly trusted site. So if there is a bad review about you or your restaurant, your public profile on linkedin can "push down" that review in the search engine results. If you get enough links like this, you can hopefully push that negative review to page 2 where few people will see it.

    Just my 2 cents...
    • Great idea Bob. Most people don't even know they can set up a page for their company.
      But if you are on LinkedIn or even thinking about it you should follows Bob's advice and set up a company profile on the site.
  • Mel,

    I am trying to network on LinkedIn in an effort to build my business and form connections, but find it frustrating due to restrictions of the site itself, and some of the groups.

    I realize many people have abused and spammed and have exercised prudence and respect in my use of the site.

    I'm not one of those looking for 1000's of connections, or membership in 100's of groups. As a small business, with limited marketing capital, I had hoped that it would be an avenue to let people know I exist.

    If you have ideas on more effective utilization, I'm all ears.


    Paul Green
    • Paul: just a couple of quick questions for you to answer.
      1. What is your reason for being on LinkedIn
      2. If you could connect with anyone in the world who would you want to connect with and why.
      3. Why would they want to connect with you?
      4. How much time do you want to invest?
      5. Are you looking for personal or business connections?

      The answers to these questions will help determine if you should invest the time and effort.

    • Hello, Paul ,how are you?
      i thank you for telling me about linkedin, but, yes it is complicated.
  • I started just filling out all the information and it became very complicated to waste my time. Am I wrong?
    • You are not wrong. It is not worth your time unless you have a clear objective of why you would want to be their. To join just to join or because you get some invites is a great waste of time. Pick the places you want to spend your time which will give you the greatest return to help you reach your goals.
      • My restaurant always needs something and takes my time and my garden as well. All the rose bushes are full of buds.
        You're right.
  • The user base is both broad and deep, perhaps is the most dynamic and user friendly site out there. I’ve found it to be fun and entertaining, the one thing that bugs me a bit is people use the site to sell their wares, if you know what I mean. I use it too find people mostly, literally with over 12 million members it’s a wonderful platform for reconnecting with people. I’ve found people and some have found me, in fact today one contacted with me when he saw my name on a group. This is a wonderful site, very easy to use and with some wonderful groups to lean and explore. My chief complaints are, number one too many people selling their goods and services and it is not specific too our industry, which is the reason I’m on FohBoh.
    1) Yes
    2) Played with it and found tutorials
    3) about 5 hours a week
    4) People and job search
    5)Yes, that would be great
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