Why a managers visit is important........

So after my experience on Saturday, I was so pissed off.....To be point that when I was driving home from the restaurant I was at, I kept saying to myself...." I can NOT WAIT to share this situation with my peeps, this was BULL$hit, .......fuming mad Cindi on a day off (my first in 8 days), and after I took Zak to Urgent Care for his fever, and finally met friends after months for our weekly lunch. I did the right thing though and thought about things. I'm an assistant manager at a casual themed restaurant, I know stuff happens. We all get short staffed, over on hours, yada yada yada........but all I see is black shirts, no manager, no table visits, WHAT?I'm going to share with you all my email that I sent to Champps. I have been a regular at the location for over 7 years, to the point that the bev nap and drink order would be " Hey Cindi, how are you doing a 22 Bud Light"? It made me feel AWESOME....this is why I came back to the place where Shane, Rhonda, or Sam would always take care of me. I always knew I WAS paying at least an additional 2.00 per beer, and goodness who knows about the food, but my experience would be below...:Hello,I saw on the bottom of the receipt that I could contact you directly regarding the service that I experienced at your Olentangy location on Saturday afternoon December 6th. First, I want you to know that we have been diners at that location for over 7 years. We have never encountered a problem, and have always received awesome service from your staff. That was what brought us back. However, after our experience we had we won't be back.We arrived at your location around 12:15pm. The hosts were really friendly and sat us right away in the bar area. We waited for almost 10 minutes to receive our soft drinks, and an additional 10 minutes for a Frangelico and Coffee, and a Chianti. At one point I literally had to flag down another server and ask him to get our bar drinks, since we all saw them sitting at the bar for 10 minutes. Our server was MIA. Finally he came back over to our table and took our food order. Our appetizers (salad, french onion soup, and potato skins) were out quicky, but then we waited an additional 30 minutes for entrees. Parties of at least 10 were sat around us that came later, received their food before our party of 4. When our entrees arrived they were cold. I asked the server who brought our food over to our table to please send over the manager, however the manager never came to our table. We waited an additional 15 minutes to receive our checks. Lunch is supossed to be somewhat quick and we were at your restaurant for almost two hours. Between all of our seperate checks, we spent 120.00 on lunch Saturday and it definitly was NOT worth it. In state of the economy right now, I would hope that you would have a staff who cares about the service they give their customers, but obviously they don't care. I can understand waiting if your busy, but the restaurant was NOT busy.IS THAT BAD that I contacted corporate? I have been toying over the entire experience the last 3 days...... Is it bad as a manager to be "that guest? I don't want any giftcard, or anything at all.....All I wanted was to tell someone about my experience like most guests.... Here is the reply I got:Cindy,I do not disagree with you we should be ashamed that we could ruin a party like yours when it is so easy to just do the basics. Please send me your address I would like to throw you another party for your entire group. I can assure you that My General Manger will make certain it goes off with out a hitch. Again, I am embarrassed and very sorry that we let you down at such a great level. There is no Excuse for this kind of performance from my Managers and my server.Awesome! We will do the lunch at another Champps, not Olentangy. Glad that someone came through...what didn't really make me even happier was the following....Phone call? Had my digits......Totally impersionalDM? I know I suck at spelling, punctional, etc............Spell Check maybe?MOST OF ALL A FLIPPING TABLE VISIT?I work at a SUPER BUSY RESTAURANT. Champps may do an additional 20 G's a week, but the managers and myself, hit every flipping table up in the restaurant, so S&^% like this doesn't happen. I highly doubt any manager ( if any in the building at all) knew what our problems wereIt's so weird that I had to reach out to Champps as a GUEST.....but I was thinking like a manager...a pissed off manager who couldn't find a MANAGER to fix the problem...

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  • Evening Cindy,
    Unfortunately, managers that actually hit the tables during the course of their shifts are in short supply. I do not think its unreasonable to hit every table, every shift, every day of the week. It solves more problems then waiting for someone to tell you they have a problem, it establishes a personal relationship with your guests (everyone feels special when the manager knows who they are), and it lets your staff know you are not oblivious to operations. Whoever that MOD was that dropped you problem, I am sure, did the email shuffle the next morning when his/her AD replied to their nightly "a-ok" email with the one titled "Guest Comment".
    As for managers as guests, especially the book thumpers (Corporate Managers HA!) like us, we do sometime make for difficult guests sometimes, but it is also we expect the same from other staffs as we do ours. I do not want to eat at an establishment that offers lower standards then the stores I have worked for. I get paid well, but dinning out for myself and my wife is still a luxury, and I want to be happy when I leave, not poking at cold pasta and begging for my server. I do not think you are unrealistic hoping at the very least to see a manager when a actual problem came up.
    In all reality, is paperwork the only qualification to managing a restaurant? No, it your people skills that make the experience memorable. Heck, I even once was mystery shopped (my applebee's days a long time ago) when both of the shopper's steaks came out wrong and late, and still the restaurant received a high overall score because of a combined effort of myself and the server fixing the situation. With money draining from people's accounts, managers who hide in the office are going to find themselves quickly looking for jobs.
  • All I wanted was my Pasta heated up, I forgot to mention it in the BLOG... no server...CIndi ate cold Cajun Chicken Pasta.....GROSSSSS!!!
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