• Howard..I thank you for the heads up.I would consider a move for a good job.
    • We have a classified section if you wanted to test the waters in Florida or Texas.
  • I do have plans to move north. How far are you?
  • Thomas, if you are looking for a job in Florida or Texas we can help.
  • Thomas, try Hcareers or hospitality jobs online, you can be specific on positions and places, it works best if it is hotels but it might get you started.
  • Keith, I really appreciate the guidance. Cheers!!!
  • There's a group here, Thomas , called "Ready to Work". You can join it and add your resume or write something about what you're interested in.

    I would also recommend you join the "Talent Revolution" group and look at

    A lot going on there about career choices, personal branding , intervieweing and
    the like.
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