I would really appreciate any feedback I could get!I am doing research for my new business, and need help.I am looking for newley promoted shift managers and assisitant managers.What was the biggest problem you faced when you took over your new position in the company?Was it hard for you to make the transition from employee to management?You can make a difference for someone!Your answer could be a defining moment for someone else.I will use my results to help others to advance in their careers.Thank you,BillSuccess Coach

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  • I moved up through the ranks in my company very quickly...maybe a little too quickly in hindsite!

    When I went from hourly to manager...I DID realize quickly that all the talk about how great I was meant nothing anymore because now I WAS A MANAGER...I was just like everyone else in the company. While this did take a few weeks to grow on me, it did help me realize that I was not a protected class actions were now directly impacting not only my managment team but also the hourlies I managed. Once this all sunk in, I tried my hardest to ask questions, take notes, look at things more objectively. Before, I would probably just 'think' I knew the answer.

    I give my company a lot of credit for seeing my inner may have taken a few years for me to realize it, but now I am confident-not cocky, partnering-not all knowing, questioning-within limits, and I defnitely know my place!

    The toughest challenge that I faced was going back to the same store I came out of as an hourly to now manage. Everyone, including myself, found it hard to adjust our relationships. Obviously I wasn't going out to the local bar anymore on Tuesday with the gang and now I couldn't crack jokes with them like I used to. At times it was hard for me to feel like I could give feedback to people because I was their friend outside of work. I remember one cook who thought he could make the same comments about "hottie red head" once I was his manager. I almost fired him until he realized that I was his supervisor now and he couldn't speak to me in this manner anymore.

    It is probably one of the hardest and most rewarding challenges I have every faced. The positive to all of this is that I truly understand our hourly associates, managers, and all the relationships that go with my current position. I continue to have a great rapport with everyone and because they have watched me excel even Sr. Operations now values my thoughts and opinions. I wouldn't trade how I got to this current position for the world. I worked hard, showed I had potential, and continue to grow.
    • Amanda,

      From your reply, I can tell you are helping others create value in their
      personal and their business lives..

      This is an important, if not THE MOST IMPORTANT trait of
      all successful managers.

      Keep up the excellent work.

      Again, Thank You for your well-written comments.

      Success Coach
      "Helping you Achieve your Greatest Self"
  • Hi Bill,
    I wasn't in management, but I will relate something that I experienced.
    I worked in travel all my adult life, and the agency I worked for for 18 years, merged in 2005, with another local agency. Three of us came over to the new agency. Between the 3 of us, we had
    somewhere in the neighborhood of close to 70 years combined experience.

    The new place,had between 5 and 10 years each (3 there , too).
    We all got along really well, but I always wondered, how the originals at the new
    agency felt about us horning in, so to speak, on their territory.

    I'm not being paranoid, but I have always wondered, how people feel, especially, an established
    business, when new employees and even managers come in from the outside.

    I would think "acceptance" would be the key obstacle, or at least one of them. How will
    the established workers accept the outsider ?
    • Keith,

      Thank you for your comments.

      I know from first hand experience, "Acceptance" is definitely a big challenge, from both sides of the fence.

      Thank you again,
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