• Sales, Sales, and more sales......
    • Yeah, but, it's not what you sell, it's what you keep!

      Clearly, all three are important. However, this poll is designed to help us understand priorities relative to this environment. Different economic cycles, seasonality, geography, concept, segment, business practices, among other factors all weigh in making this decision. The hard part is choosing just one.
  • I enjoyed weighing my options for the poll.

    I really feel that by decreasing your employee turnover you eliminate a lot of other cost related issues in your restaurant! Think of fewer voids, comps, etc. Guest complaints will lower therefore resulting in higher traffic which would in turn lead to better sales...

    Training is the root of everything good in our world. You choose if it will make you or break you...
  • Tough poll to answer.....
    Increasing sales/transaction counts is very important. Without it your business will not be in business.

    Increasing employee retention can improve sales via improved guest satisfaction. It should also improve employee job satisfaction when you have a crew that knows what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Happy employees produce happy guests!

    Looking for ways to reduce costs w/o lowering value or quality is always a good way to improve the bottom line.

    So I agree all of the above. Which one is the most important can change based on the status of your business.
  • Interesting to see how this all plays out.
  • Cool poll guys! Then again, I only have 5 employees and our food costs are 22% because we sell cheap Mexican food to hungry Aussies. So, seems like we are focused on increasing meal counts.
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