These days I see a lot of vehicles wrapped in advertising. You know, those public transportation buses going down the road or the VW bugs wrapped in Geek Squad advertising. I even see boats with wrap on the sports channels. I would like to know if this type of advertising works? When you see a semi covered with a hamburger and french fries, do you stop at the next McDonald's? If you see a van covered with Moe's, do you order Mexican for lunch? Does it take something this big to get your attention or does the old-style car topper like many companies use, still work?

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  • Quick tips for anyone considering doing a bus wrap - there are 2 audiences you're aiming at:
    1. Pedestrians of the pavement
    Key information like phone numbers need to be at eye height
    Keep it simple. Repeat. Repeat. It's not a press ad, it's a moving target!
    2. Other drivers
    Unless they are in a truck, most drivers will be looking up, and probably behind the bus cursing it for being in the way - consider humour on the back to help calm them down ;)
  • I think Judy, Howard, and David nailed it (bottom to top, there). It's not likely to make someone say "Eh, a burger, I will go get one!" However, it's another "touch" that the advertiser gets -- and in some ways, you're captive.

    Get stuck behind one in traffic? You'll see nothing but their advertisement until you change lanes, or one of you turns off the road. Pass one, and it's equally as effective as a billboard. And, from an ROI perspective, it's not that expensive to get your car completely done up - a few hundred dollars - either for your product, or your restaurant, bar, grill, hotel, or other business.

    I personally run into Moe's, Steak Express, Quiznos, and Jimmy Johns vehicles all the time. I eat at Quiznos and Jimmy Johns all the time. Steak Express and Moes? Not so much.... Maybe their vehicles aren't as nice?
  • Like David, I wouldn't say it sways my decision either way but it's an effective tool for getting the brand in front of people.

    From a consumer perspective, it's kind of a pain though when you see an eye-catching business on a car or van. We're driving so it's not like we can just write down the info we see. I've tried it. Not too safe and I can't even remember what those businesses are now!
  • What's funny is I have called the number for some of the ones I see and they say it's the wrong number or no one calls me back...

    I think it's more of a subconscious thing.... when you think of that category- it's the 1st thing you think of... at least I do.
  • In my opinion they both work but only as part of a fully intergrated advertising campaign. I Publish Today's Restaurant News and sell advertising to companies that supply restaurants in Florida and Texas. I remember getting a new ad from a company that provides bulk cooking oil systems and in the ad they had their logo. A few days later I saw a truck go by with their logo on it. If I had not seen the printed ad I would never have taken notice of the truck ad. The brand recognition was made between the two events.. Advertising works in many way that most people don't realize. I try to educate people as to how advertising works and the bottom line is that a good or a bad ad(within reason) can't hurt you.
  • They have not swayed me into purchasing from or visiting that particular company. In the case of food, however, the wrap may stimulate me to order pizza later, for instance. But I would still probably choose the chain I always visit.
  • I've seen a few of these vehicles around. We're all familiar with the buses, but I am wondering if thecars didn't get started somehow by the Oscar Mayer "weinermobile".

    That's classic advertising.
  • I wouldn't say it immediately "sways" me one way or the other, but I do notice those ads and every little bit counts. A good-to-great wrap costs from $1500-$3000+/- depending on size, color, vehicle type, etc... Also, they last a long time and leaves your vehicle unimpaired if installed properly by a pro. Compare that to direct mail, print ads, radio & TV and you'll find it to be much less expensive. However, it's more of a complement to other forms of marketing versus being the one and only source. Don't expect big returns from wraps, but it definitley wouldn't hurt.

    Sorry, I have to cut this short. A Scion just drove by me with a hamburger wrap the size of a queen mattress and I haven't had dinner yet.

    • That's great! It is 6am here and all of a sudden I am hungry for a burger the size of my front door!
      Thanks for the feedback.
    • That's funny...great info... I've considered wrapping my VW (although at 170k miles, I'm not sure how long it will last)..but i think it makes a big branding punch...especially those who may have heard of your place, but haven't gotten there yet?

      2 cents...what it's worth.
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