One Hour Job Documentary

At People Report, we're always looking for what's crazy, unique and real in the workforce that may be able to help our industry figure out how to be more an industry of choice and highlight the great things restaurant people do.In looking around, one of the favorite things I have seen this year in terms of looking for your passion in life and what job best suits you is Sean's 1 Week Job Project. This guy graduated top of his class in college and wanted to find the most meaningful career for himself and decided to ask people to let him work for them for just a week and chronicled the whole experience.He is coming out with a new movie on the 1 Week Job in 2009 and is offering people a chance to be a producer (great life 2.0 way of raising capital) by contributing a day's wages.The video looks like it will be one they should show on college campuses and even to mid-career people everywhere. Check out the trailer and consider becoming a producer of your first movie!Here's the scoop:Become a One Week Job Documentary Producer! all!Ian here, Sean's sidekick and filmmaker that documented the One Week Job project.We've officially kicked off production of the One Week Job documentary, and we need your help!Would you donate one hour's worth of your wage to support the film and become a producer?$6 bucks. $15. $30. Every little bit can add up to a lot.Aside from supporting a worthwhile project and helping inspire others to find their passion, you'll benefit in the following ways:Your name - featured on our Wall of Producers with an optional link to your website.Your name - featured in the documentary credits at the end of the film.Your actual donation amount will be kept private. Only your name and link will be featured on the Producer's Wall.BONUS: Donations of $50 or more will receive a copy of the DVD when it's released in 2009. Hooray!TO DONATE ONLINE RIGHT NOW, VISIT so much for your support!Sean Aiken & Ian

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  • Consider me in!!!! I think this would be great at the college that I work. It actually relates back directly to something I am dealing with and discussing on Amanda's site.
  • this is totally rad. i'll be following this one.
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