What do you know about FohBoh GPO?

Ok, so I am really excited that FohBoh is giving us more benefits to being a member. I just want to share what I know about FohBoh GPO so far:1. It is exclusively for FohBoh Members2. It is a great Product3. It is Free4. There will be a webinar about it on Friday, so I can learn more about itSo, can anyone else add to the list for me?

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  • WOW Kristen I think I'll nickname you Bubbles :)
    Webinar sounds great but I'll be in Peoria and Sun City saving two Asian restaurants from themselves (fire traps) so I'll be real busy that night, let me know how it goes.

    Better yet provide a video
  • Hi! Kirsten Siqueiros....

    Just a simple sharing.... hope this may add from your list....
    Have a great day ahead!!! It's gotta be shakeys!!!

    Marilina D. Vivo
    nickname: lynne
    Shakeys Restaurant Manager

    This is an area where guests are welcomed, led to where they may dine and served meals they ordered. Comprised of 3 stations and the different personnel assigned to each, namely:

    a. DINING – Food Server
    b. GUEST RELATIONS – Guest Relations Staff
    c. LOCAL STORE MARKETING (LSM) – Party Specialist

    FOH exceeds through....

    Service Excellence in…

    >providing products and services that consistently exceed guest’s expectations or what we term
    as “WOW-ing the Guest”.

    > a long term system of providing an excellent guest service with the aim of establishing guest loyalty.
    our business philosophy and lifestyle
    >Define and understand Guest Service
    >Explain the importance of excellent Guest Service
    >Perform standard key steps and procedures in handling guests.
    >Learn and understand key techniques for suggestive selling; and
    >Know and apply the concept of “ WOW-ing the Guest”; and
    >Identify and provide for the needs and expectations of our guest

    Here in All Shakey’s guests, regardless of race, sex, religion, status, region, stature, or profession have a right to be given:

    Known as.......The guest’s bill of rights! that's right!!!

    1. Immediate Attention
    2. Respect and Courtesy
    3. Prompt and Efficient Service
    4. Value for Money
    5.Total Satisfaction
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