Dish Washer Heartbreak

Hi, All...I have a dish hot-temp washing's broken. I guess I can call Auto-Chlor or some other company, but I don't want to sign up for any monthly contract. I own my own dish washing is not leased.Does anyone out there have any idea who I can call to fix it? Any help will be appreciated.-S

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  • Sausan,

    I know a great Auto-Chlor rep, and all of our shared clients rave about his exceptional customer service and competitive prices. If nothing else, he can guide you in the right direction. Send me a message if you would like his info!
    • Yes, I'm interested. Thanks. -Sausan
      • Good Morning Sausan,
        I received your message and spoke to Brian yesterday evening. I'm going to find a contact locally for your area and will call you later this afternoon. I think our solutions may be just what you need to keep from paying high repair /parts bills and not have to worry about that part of your business. Accounting for the time difference I'll try contacting you around 2:00PM Memphis time ( Central). Talk to you soon.-Michael
  • I'm already used to hand washing. :-) ...and cooking...and cleaning...and shopping...and prepping...
    Thanks, though. It's an old dish washer, not many moving parts, but good nonetheless. I'll keep searching.

  • Thanks...I actually did that and they want an arm and a leg. Perhaps a handyman somewhere? -S
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