My breakup with MySpace…..

My first time with a social network was MySpace back then I fell fast and encouraged and my co-workers, friends and family to get in the game. T&K took advantage of the online network and my personal page became somewhat of an employee and guest relation’s hotline (which I welcomed) All was good… As the years went on I started to get annoyed by all the spam, clutter and etc. When social networks started to go Niche I slowly started to stray. FohBoh hands down is my favorite they really get this Niche and attention to the members thing. I’ve stayed connected with MySpace because I had about 400 friends, I wanted people to be able to find me there and it’s where I’d communicate with my brother, sister and mom. Monday I received an email saying they deleted my account for violation of terms of service. No warning just poof it was gone. I read the terms of service and hadn’t violated any of them. 400 contacts lost and I was a bit aggravated. I contacted MySpace to find out what happened and they’re too big to respond with anything but a standard reply that told me the account could not be restored. I’m not so big so I’m telling all my friends that MySpace sucks. What’s your favorite social network? Has anyone else had problems with MySpace?Amanda HiteTalent Revolution

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  • Amanda,

    You're absolutely right !
    FohBoh is the best !

    Take care, Keith
  • As an "old coot" my children got a laugh at my online confusion.
    I told them I now had a site on "MyFace".
    • Paul,

      That's a riot ! (My face)

      You heard Fed Ex and UPS are going to merge and it will be called FedUp !
  • I had a myspace, but deleted it after about 6 months. It just felt like a really bad high school reunion. One were I was with my wife and keep having to introduce her to embarassing ex-girlfriends of the past. I do like facebook. I started it to connect with my cousin serving in Iraq. Some of my servers from work send me bumper stickers or post comments. I check it maybe twice a week, so I guess you can say I'm not a junkie.

    I am new to FOHBOH, so far I am really liking this SN. Reading through the discussions it seems that the people are very like-minded and can carry an opinion on a subject other than what Brittany Spears is wearing.
  • Keith, as you know fohboh's the best. I like facebook better than myspace. Facebook is a lot cleaner than myspace.
  • Never could understand "MySpace" either.

    What's "Facebook" all about ?
  • What's my favorite social network? Hmmmm...that'd be fohboh. But, having said that, I also use and like LinkedIn as an extension of my business database. I don't use it for information, just connections.
  • I joined myspace over a year ago to stay in touch wth a friend who does summers in Alaska...I haven't even looked at it for 5 months or so...I just don't have the time nor do I really care much for it..I prefer to just email him. I am definitly too old for myspace.
  • @ jennie, okay you were the one that told me my account was deleted (cause you missed my pretty face in your top eight). wtf am i going to do w/o u?
    • wait a can't get rid of me that easily!!!
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