Food Capitals of the U.S.

Today in MSN Cityguides, Nicolas Gilewicz wrote about several "Food Capitals" in the U.S. While I know he has to write an article short enough for surfer-attention-spans, it seems to be seriously lacking. In short, here are the cities he mentions (hyperlink to full article below):Chili Capital - Cincinnati, OHBurrito Capital - San Francisco, CAPoultry Capital - Gainesville, GACorn Capital - Mendota, IL (challenged by Olivia, MN and Mitchell, SD)Garlic Capital - Gilroy, CABlueberry Capital - Hammonton, NJHe then throws a nod to the state of Texas, whose legislature has adorned various communities with "capital of..." notations including, Midland for Ostrich, Friona for Cheeseburgers and Lockhart for Barbeque. Lockhart for Barbe...(?) however you spell it ('que...'cue...) borders on the greatest hyperbole of all time. I've known many a town to claim such title. In an incredibly competitive and recipe- and regionally-diverse segment of our industry there's no way (sorry Lockhart) this can be true.Gilroy for garlic is the only slam-dunk in the article. SF for burritos....? Seriously - maybe there are more Chipotles in SF but that doesn't make it the capital.So here's my challenge - tell me where the "Capital(s)" of food are. Two categories: 1) where the best food comes from (e.g., Gilroy) and, 2) Where it's made best (like BBQ). I'll compile the results and post accordingly.First vote in - Breaux Bridge, LA for (category 1) Crawfish Capital of the WORLD.

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  • Boca Raton, Florida, the capital of the Early Bird.
    • Early Bird? What's that taste like? :)
  • Kennett Square in Penn. is the mushroon capital of the US.
  • Pekin Duck: Northern Indiana: Milford, In 12 million ducks Middlebury 3 million ducks =15 million National production is 24 million
  • Catfish - Belzoni, Mississippi (at least that's what it said on the side of the U-Haul trailer I passed)
  • Well as I sit in the WHITE PEKIN DUCK CAPITAL in northern Indiana where 14 million of the 24 million ducks are produced; Maple Leaf Farms 11 million in Milford, In and us; Culver Duck 3 million in Middlebury, In we are 2 of the 6 pekin duck producers in the U.S.A.. It use to be the LONG ISLAND DUCK from New York now it's the Indiana Duck. (some might call it the AFLAC DUCK!)
    FYI duck consumption is 1/2 lb. per person anually. Also duck breast meat has HALF the FAT of chicken breast meat.
    I competed in the BBQ state tournaments for 10 years and a member of the Kansas City BBQ Society.
    Contact Ardie Davis and/or Carolyn Wells(the Julia Child of BBQ) and they will explain in detail about BBQ capitals. It depends on if it's brisket, pork, tri-tip, chicken or duck as to which is the capital, then as far as BBQ sauce there is vinegar base with mustard, tomatoe base sweet etc. and that each has its own region. or capital.
    Any how contact these friendly people and you will learn anything and everything about BBQ guranteed.
    Phone 816-765--5891 or 1-800-963-KCBS (5227). Also;
    • Thanks Burt, great info. It sounds like you're outnumbered by ducks there in Indiana. I will defintely give Ardie and Carolyn a call...I'm imagining a cross-country trip to all the BBQ-meccas...that would be a great thing to experience - maybe I'll put something together!
  • Gilroy, CA, for garlic...
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