Favorite Vodka

I recently have been engaged around Chicago discussing Vodka and the best brand. I have my favorite, what is yours and why?

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  • Ikon Trued Russian Vodka. I am part of the company but it is still a smooth russian vodka 4 x4 distilled and filtered. Bwest Buy @ Chicago's BTI for 2007 Gold Medal Winner @ San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Best Buy Wine Enthusiast Magazine. Dollar for dollar its a first rate vodka @ fair prices.
    • Cindi, say it ain't so! Flavored Vodkas? It's a good thing you're pitching the perfect beer, and not the perfect martini! I still love you though!
  • 3 Olives is where it's at! The flavored vodkas are amazing, and are a staple at any bar for "bombs". LOVE IT!!!
  • A friend of mine recently introduced me to a new(er) vodka called "Ciroc." It had my attention due to the fact that it is made from fine French grapes. The grape varietals used are Ugni Blanc from the Cognac region and Mauzac Blanc grapes from the Gaillac region. The grapes are "snap frost," cold fermented and distilled five times. I found the Vodka to be very aromatic and VERY smooth. It also enhances a huge variety of mixers. The price is right as well as the ingredients. Check it out, you will be pleasantly surprised!
  • PRAVDA....mixed with Chambord and Peach Nectar.....
  • Grey Goose
  • Absolut for a Killer Bloody Mary, Grey Goose for the best Cosmopolitan (although it does depend on the bartender's skill) and Belvedere for a straight-up Martini, dry with bleu cheese stuffed olives.
  • I like Grey Goose and Absolut.

    In my opinion both have a nice sweetness and do not have the astringency of other vodkas. They are both thick enough to have a richer mouthfeel than other vodkas.

    I do not like any of the flavored vodkas - If I desire flavor i like to add it fresh from the bar,

  • Smirnoff is simple, classic, elegant. Nothing fancy, no frills, and traditional.

    In my opinion, the producers of Vodka have


    and gone overboard. There is a different flavor out there for every day of the year. When will the madness STOP?!?!?!?!?!
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