I would like to hear from any other owners of smaller cafes in smaller cities ( less than 20k) tell me about the city involvement as it may relate to what they are willing to do/or not as far as exterior decor assistance weather it be financial or cheerleader type support.I should also let everyone know that the city is somewhat historic in flavor. Minnesota is celebrating its 150 birthday, and The town in question is the place where the papers were signed to make it a state( the birth place so to speak)The down side: the town has fallen out of favor for most of the profitalble tourist trade, the local residents don't like to visit "downtown" as it is in their minds only tourist related shops that exsist ( this is far from true) so we have have two mind sets neither of which are true but each of them will die on the hill of their belives.Is there any hope, does anyone have a great idea we can run with?I will tell more if anyone is interested

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  • nothing goddammit!
    and yes I am smiling!!
  • Well I am not an owner as you well know, but in my opinion old habits die only when the person who habituates them does! So its not an option to wait for people to come around, neither the city or its inhabitants will bring "downtown" back to the forefront on their own accord, you have to put it in their faces and say this is whats "in" this is whats "now" for tourists or locals. As far as the city goes...they will only understand, or empathize with you when you speak through your lawyer. A letter from your lawyer removes their condescending air and they actually listen, or pretend to. Alas I am but a kid and I guess what im trying to say is when is history going to be cool again, when can we take something old and keep what makes it great, but add to it and make it better, without ruining what made it great in the first place? ( I want to see this somewhere outside the kitchen, because that seems to be the only place where its ok to try new things)

    to put it in a nut shell whats wrong with a neon fork on a brick building?
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