• Actually, its not surprising but its still sad. If anyone has seen the movie "Eating," its a old mockumentary about women and their food obsessions. There is one scene where about 30 women at a birthday party keep passing the same slice of cake around the circle because no one will eat it. Well, except for the bulimic woman who takes hers to the bathroom.
  • So that's why all my girlfriends love me? I always order the double cheeseburger. No one has to worry about upping the anti!
  • This is so not me. I don't care what other people order or what they think of my order. I'm a small eater and often do just appetizers and maybe a soup or salad if I'm hungry. Unless I'm in the mood to bring food home for a second meal later or in a fine restaurant where the portions are artfully small, I typically stay away from entrees, unless I haven't eaten all day. Most entrees are so unnecessarily big in most restaurants. All the waste really bothers me.
  • Sallie,

    Do you behave the same way when you are in the company of men? or does this just apply to female company? what about mixed company?

    Do you know why you do this?
    • I can honestly say that I eat healthy 99.9% of the time..really doesn't matter if I am with a man or woman..and can also honestly say that if I am hungry enough I will eat what I want..if I am with a guy that I am attracted to I may eat lighter, I guess it all depends on my mood.
  • I can honestly say that I have found myself doing just what this article said..seeing what my lunch mates might be having and order lighter, but if I am really hungry (which is not very often) I will order what I know for sure will satisfy my hunger.
    It's counter - productive to eat light at a restaurant and then go home and stuff your face!
    • that sure is the truth...........
  • Andy! don't run away...

    Food is guided by service politics (does not mean we have to abuse the trust placed in us) - religion has more influence on what food is served in every country of the world so there is no avoiding that... corporate or independents... well we have them both, so lets work together...

    Food IS the bridge that can generate topical discussion and bring people closer together... we're just getting to know you... so don't run away...

    I was at a tea party yesterday afternoon the women out numbered (almost said outweighed!!!) the men by 4-1 and no way were any of them 'holding back' rather they were enjoying the spread...

    What do the Women on Fohboh think about this article? does it contain any substance??? as for me... I eat little and often watched or not! ;-)
  • Steve, you are playing with fire on this topic! This is what I call in my home....a no win matter how you answer, it will upset someone and then Jeff had to throw in that "duty to man" and "skinny nympho" comment and all men on this site are doomed. I am running from this one

    What's next politics, religion, what's better corporate owned or independant restaurants.....I say run away.....
  • of course it is true, but is it really true can it really be for the same reason that they ( women) insist on paying separate chx. does it have to do with a long burned in the brain "duty to the man" that they do not over spend or over eat because god forbid they would become less desirable in the eyes of us guys and then be sent to the streets so we can find a skinny nympho ready to please????

    It may really be our fault and we better be sorry for that shit.
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