• There certainly are alot of statistics in that report and it's very interesting, but for me at least, Chef's do not decide what we like. And how can they? We all have our own tastes. Granted, chefs can create amazing dishes that we enjoy and if they're described in a way to catch our attention on a menu, we could very well try them. But that doesn't mean that they are deciding what we like.

    At best, I think great chefs can influence our taste and possibly expand our culinary horizons by creating new items or combining ingredients in surprising ways. And if we like the sytle of a chef, we can definitely patronize his or her restaurant more frequently. But those decisions are ours.

    It's kind of like the scene in Titanic when Jack is sitting at the table in first class and the server is passing out caviar. He says to jack: "And how do you take your caviar, Sir."
    And Jack says. "None for me, thanks. I never cared for it, anyway." And then Rose smiles with respect for Jack's choice.

    I think that perhaps there was a time when we all used to eat food that we were "supposed" to like. But that time is long gone. Especially with Generation Y out there questioning everything. I know for myself, at least, back when I was a kid I chose peanut butter and jelly or a bowl of cereal over some of that crazy stuff my mother used to put on the table--which, as I've grown older, I've developed a taste for--some of it, not all. I'll never eat the stuff heavy in big chunky tomatoes or with mushrooms.

    One of the very cool things is that palates do change with time. But I think deciding what foods to enjoy will always be a personal choice, and not dictated by anyone. Not award-winning chefs, not friends or family, and not even Mom.

  • Check out the NRA report here.
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