Purchasing Supplies Online ?

Was wondering how many restaurant owners spend the time to go online and search for new or less expensive products? Is the day of the food dealer or distributor coming to an end?I have a direct website that has been doing superb. I sell tabletop lighting products direct and we ship across the USA. It is all done by credit card. Are there specific products owners search for on a regular basis? What do you think of our concept...i.e Not buying from the local distributer and consolidating your item shipment. Instead your receiving a separate single shipment, but at a lower cost? I guess to sum it up......what do you all think of purchasing online? My site is www.diningbycandlelight.comI would appreciate the feedback.

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  • The concept has merit. Many services like yours are available. The advantage with this concept is if you carry the warranty yourself. By that I mean that once your product is shipped....we are on our own to fight with the mfg if you do not personally handle the claim in a timely manner. That is why we support the mfg when we purchase lighting products. I will check your website. If and when Phsyco Inc consumes all the niche distributors......that will be the era of the food dealer or distributor coming to an end. All should pray that this never happens! Why.....just look at the oil industry! Any questions?
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