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אירוע קייטרינג בחווה של דני

היום הלכנו לערוך סיור הכנה לאירוע קייטרינג של עמדות הגשה גורמה לאירוע קייטרינג.המקום נקרא החווה של דני, ניתן למצוא אותם בhttp://www.danny-runch.co.il.מעבר לאירוע המקסים שאנחנו נעשה בחווה של דני הכרנו את דני ומיכל, שני אנשים מדהימים עם סיפור חיים שנותן חומר למחשבה של ללכת עם הלב.מחר נעשה טעימות לתפריט.קצת על האירוע:צלחת מזלג שיוצא מעמדת בופה, התפריט שבחרו מעולה, המקום מיוחד ביותר, אנשים מקסימים.פשוט כיף להיות חלק מזוקו קייטרינג, לבשל אוכל מעולה לאנשים מקסימים במקום מדהים.רוצים גם אתם להזמין…
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Health Inspections 101

In all my years of running restaurants, health inspections have always been impromptu, meaning, I've never had a health inspector call me up and say, “Please get prepared, I’ll be by in two days to do an inspection.”  Wouldn't that have been nice?  

Despite the ice that runs through your veins when you hear, “The Health Inspector is here” that big, bad health inspector did not come to huff and puff and blow your restaurant down.  As a matter of fact, they’re…

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קייטרינג לאירוע בראנץ׳

איזה רעיון מעולה ומפתיע להזמין את זוקו קייטרינג לאירוע בראנץ׳, תחזיקו חזק, לשישי בערב!תקשיבו, זה פשוט אדיר! האורחים היו כל כך מבסוטים מהאוכל. אם אתם רוצים לערוך אירוע ולעמוד בתקציב לאירוע, צרו קשר אתנו ב:Www.zukcocatering.com
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Who Else Wants Chocolate and Wine?

Chocolate and wine look and sound perfect together. However this pairing can be tricky. A sweet chocolate can make wine taste bitter while tannins in wines can subdue the full flavor of the chocolate.

Here are some tips to have the perfect partnership of chocolate and wine.

  1. The wine should be sweeter. The general rule is that a wine should be as sweet as or sweeter than the chocolate. This can create palatable union where both flavors can be enjoyed. For milk…
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The World of Technology

Managed By Q Launches Out Of Beta In NY, Expands To Chicago

Managed by Q  Managed By Q, the iPad-powered office management platform, has today announced that it will be launching out of beta in NYC. The company is also expanding to Chicago, launching an invite-only beta to startups and businesses in the area. Managed By Q is a platform built to help offices keep track of groceries, supplies, cleaning, repairs — all the things that take focus away from running… Read More

GE Spotlights New Smart Street Lamps

Picture of highway showing movement and streetlights.  GE has a new smart street light in early production, and it hopes that over time, cities and third-party developers will begin to take advantage of the platform to build smart city apps. The light itself is a super-efficient LED that could last up to 20 years. Where it gets interesting is that GE is including a sensor pack with each bulb with capabilities such as video, light and weather… Read More

Google Opens Cloud Dataflow To All Developers, Launches European Zone For BigQuery

CBF_008  Google is launching a couple of updates to its cloud-based big data products at the Hadoop Summit in Brussels today. These include the launch of the open beta of Cloud Dataflow, Google’s new service for processing huge amounts of data, as well as an update to BigQuery, which will make the company’s bid data database service available in Google’s European data centers and… Read More


Customer Retention - Listen to them

Today, is the day of the most digitally empowered customers! Your guests/customers don't like the experience at your restaurant, they will actively look out to voice their opinion. If the medium they choose to do so is on the internet forums (like Zomato, Yelp etc), then we have a problem. Negative word-of-mouth. This again leads to the dreadful phenomenon of Customer churn. Which means, you need to spent a lot more on advertising  than to grow your customer base Automatically. So now what?…

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THE NEXT STEP YOU TAKE:-The next step you take is the one that matters. You have the power to choose right now what that step will be. Even if you’ve been going for weeks or for years in a negative direction, your next step can be a positive one. Even if it’s a small positive step, it can change your direction and establish a new momentum.No matter where you are or what you’ve done or failed to do, you can now choose to move toward what you value most. The way to make that choice is with your…

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Is This Motivate You?

Opportunity:-You have the opportunity to take a negative situation and transform it into positive value. You have the opportunity to take an ordinary moment and make it into an extraordinary experience.You have the opportunity because you can make a difference. You have the opportunity because you care very deeply about life, and have the ability to put that caring into action.Life can unfold in many different ways, creating an unimaginable variety of situations. In every one of those…

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One Question Survey - How do you choose your food?

How do you choose your food? http://svy.mk/1xGfNlq When you are hungry, do you (a) think of a restaurant that may satisfy your hunger? Or (b) do you think if a food item that you have a "hankering for", then think of where you will go satisfy that hunger? Please take this one question survey and we will share the results. Thank you! Survey accessed here.

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HMSHost Jobs

HMSHost has openings for Restaurant Shift Supervisors Restaurant  - BNA – Nashville International Airport Restaurant Lovers? #HMSHost is hiring Restaurant Shift Supervisors @ BNA! 6 mnths exp. Apply! http://jobs.hmshost.com/Nashville-TN/jobs.aspx     Restaurant  - TYS – Knoxville Airport Location Restaurant Lovers? #HMSHost is hiring Restaurant Shift Supervisors @ TYS! Must have 6 months of exp. Apply online today! http://jobs.hmshost.com/Alcoa-TN/jobs.aspx

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Hiring a Sous Chef/ Potential for Executive Chef in Near Future

We are currently seeking a qualified Sous Chef.  Quality of Life, with Five day work week/ guaranteed Sundays off.  The right candidate will assist the Executive Chef. We are looking to ehoxpand and wanting to train the right person to be an Executive Chef and Partner at the next location.  Please email me your resume at: shelly.kw@hotmail.com  Location.  Canton/ Woodstock, Georgia

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Line Cooks vs Caterers

Recently The Painted Table expanded to an experimental Bistro partnership.  Taming down our nouvelle style cuisine we made a menu in less than two days while "Restaurant Impossible-ing" the grime coated kitchen.  In two days we went from nothing to full fledged bistro and the discussion I bring to the table is what everyone else thinks of the differences between a line cook and a caterer. During our time in the bistro we sent over each of our Catering Food Warriors to the Bistro to learn how to…

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4 Major Signs You Need to Invest in Social Media for Your Restaurant via Food, Tech & Media Today

buzztime.com - Posted on Apr 25, 2014 in Marketing, Social Media | 0 comments If you aren’t yet on the social media bandwagon, you might be wondering how it could help your restaurant. Shouldn’t you be focusing…

WIRED's Guide to Produce That Won't Make the Drought Worse | WIRED via Food, Tech & Media Today

wired.com - Summer weekends find me at San Francisco farmers’ markets, buying up as much local stone fruit as I can carry. The peaches, plums, and cherries are burstingly delicious. They are also, it turns out...

Yelp Ups Its Search Game With "Yelp Now": Adds Dinner Reservation & Food Ordering Search Filters via Food, Tech & Media Today

searchengineland.com - Yelp has updated its search capabilities with new filters that let users search restaurant listings based on available reservation times, or if a location offers delivery or takeout, along with…

Food Supply Chain Transparency Is Key to a Healthy Future | Food + Tech Connect via Food, Tech & Media Today

foodtechconnect.com - Guest post by Peretz Partensky, co-founder of Sourcery. The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of Food+Tech Connect. Food cultures and technology have…

Mobile Payments App for Restaurant Goers Seeks to Feed the Hungry via Food, Tech & Media Today

benzinga.com - Full Society Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Finalize App Development Up-and-coming tech startup Full Society has launched an IndieGoGo campaign…

How to attract more restaurant customers using social media | Dragplus via Food, Tech & Media Today

restaurantbrandingroadmap.com - We’ve received a few questions lately about social media. The common themes are: “How can I get better at social media?” “Should I do it myself or hire someone?” “How can I get more bang for my…

Facebook on Fight vs. Fake Likes via Food, Tech & Media Today

adweek.com - Facebook outlined recent steps it has taken to combat the issue of fake likes, such as its use of pattern-recognition technology, as well as sending notifications to page administrators. These new ...

Phys.Org Mobile: Startups put digital technology in the grocery aisles via Food, Tech & Media Today

phys.org - Hansen, however, has started borrowing an iPad from the service desk at a nearby Piggly Wiggly store to do his weekly grocery shopping. The attraction: an app the grocer makes available to its cust...

Workshop helps local food businesses get started via Food, Tech & Media Today

journal-advocate.com - The Colorado Department of Agriculture, in conjunction with the Aurora Small Business Development Center, has developed a new workshop entitled Fundamentals for Food Product Success. The workshop…

Halo: Spartan Strike Launches on iOS, Windows Phone via Food, Tech & Media Today

adweek.com - Microsoft has released Halo: Spartan Strike on iOS and Windows Phone devices. This followup to Halo: Spartan Assault was developed by 343 Industries, in conjunction with Vanguard Games, and is a to...

Robot chef serves up the future of home cooking - Tech News | The Star Online via Food, Tech & Media Today

thestar.com.my - A robotic chef that can whip up professional quality meals in a matter of minutes has been developed by engineers in the UK, who call it the world's first Automated Kitchen.  The system was…

Slack Raises $160M Funding Round, Now Valued at $2.8B via Food, Tech & Media Today

adweek.com - Communication platform Slack keeps growing, with few signs of slowing. The company announced recently a $160 million round of funding, bringing Slack’s total valuation to a staggering $2.8 billion....

Now, online grocery delivery startups catch fancy of investors - The Times of India via Food, Tech & Media Today

timesofindia.indiatimes.com - NEW DELHI: PepperTap, a Gurgaon-based startup that delivers everyday household items through a mobile app, announced on Wednesday that it has mopped up $10 million funding from SAIF Partners and…

Consumers buying more organic products despite high prices - US News via Food, Tech & Media Today

usnews.com - WASHINGTON (AP) — The higher price of organic foods and other products doesn't seem to be deterring consumers: Sales jumped 11 percent last year, an industry report says. Sales of organics have…

13 Old-School Tips for New Wave Entrepreneurs via Food, Tech & Media Today

entrepreneur.com - The introduction of the cloud for hosting web applications has made it easier than ever to have a new idea, build a new technology and start a new company. Open a major news publication any day…


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  • When a company pivots, doe they leave their business model behind or, leverage legacy assets?
  • The day after Easter? Watch out for egg salad specials :)
  • The importance of customer feedbacks that will drive insightful actions and measurement of a restaurant performance is ever Increasing.

    A startup called Afterall, has developed a product for just the same.
    Voyce - www.myvoyce.in

    Its really elegant and innovative with the design, while clearly intelligent to ask your customers the right set of questions.

    Check them out, or drop a mail to support@myoyce.in
  • We still believe the mobile and web food order sector is just beginning to affect change in the marketplace. New, fully-evolved business models track consumer behavior and it's all about delivery.
  • Going to attend a event with my catering staff..
  • Seems that smarter restuarants win, when they know what their customers really want...basics like good food, good service and a clean, quality environment. Sounds good to us!
  • Internet commerce for restaurants will absolutely make a difference and help define your success in 2015
  • Reading about Angelo Garro at Renaissance Forge in San Francisco, So amazing!
  • I love the concept of employees being the longtail of a brand. This is sold social media thinking
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inFOH - Food Tech & Media Today

4 Major Signs You Need to Invest in Social Media for Your Restaurant

buzztime.com - Posted on Apr 25, 2014 in Marketing, Social Media | 0 comments If you aren’t yet on the social media bandwagon, you might be wondering how it could help your restaurant. Shouldn’t you be focusing o...

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Celebrity Chef

ybguk.com - Chef Radio is bringing you great Music, Chat, News, Interviews, Celebrity Chef Interviews, and general Chat with World Industries Leaders, Foodies, Bakers, Food Critics, Artisan Food Producers and ...

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How Nars is bringing modern luxury to social media

Nars'' social campaigns aren't conventional. This week, the luxury cosmetics brand launched a Twitter hashtag that chipped away at a prize-holding orb. The company rarely promotes giveaways, however. NARS is luxury, and those aren’t on brand. Still, through its campaigns, the company has managed to raise awareness on social while maintaining the allure of luxury. According to L2's head of research Maureen Mullen, it’s about smart targeting: "The goal is to be in the right hands rather than a lot of hands."

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The Washington Post takes an Amazon-inspired approach to native ad targeting

You’ve heard the common complaint that advertisers want native ads at scale. But they also want it to reach the right people. Too often, native ads follow a “post-and-pray strategy,” The Washington Post’s Jed Hartman said. So the Post built a product that marries data with native -- adapting the same article-recommendation technology that has helped the newsroom increase engagement 96 percent on the site. If this sounds familiar, it might be because the tech was inspired by Amazon, whose founder Jeff Bezos also owns the Post.

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Start me up: Rolling Stones tap YouTubers to tout tour

The Rolling Stones teamed up with YouTube comedy trio The Kloons to promote their upcoming North American tour. The Kloons worked Keith Richards and Mick Jagger into an episode of their popular “Sisters” Web series, which the Stones saw as an opportunity to reach a younger demographic. In 24 hours, the video has racked up 29,000 views and 1,300 likes on YouTube. While Orange Factory Music co-founder Jeremy Skaller called it “a creative hit,” he doesn’t forecast a substantial sales boost for the Stones.

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Beyond push notifications: What the Apple Watch means for marketing

The Apple Watch is coming, and marketers have been looking for an angle—some way to begin or deepen discussions with their key audience. But instead of loading your audience's wrists with alert after alert, understand what makes this type of technology unique, and how you can use it to to your benefit. Sponsored by Incite Media.

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