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According to a recent study published by Transparency Market Research titled, ‘Pet Food Market - Middle East And Latin America Industry Analysis, Trend, Size, Share and Forecast 2014 - 2020’, the overall market is expected to experience stable growth throughout the forecast period. The report states that the Middle East…

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Infant milk formula is a type of food used for feeding babies below the age of 1 year. Infant milk formula food is used solely for infants. The infant milk formula simulates human milk and, thus, is used as a substitute for human milk. Starting milk formula, follow-on milk formula, and toddlers milk formula are among the various types of infant milk formula in the market. Infant milk formula includes all essential nutrients and energy required by infants to grow and develop normally. The…

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Now days with accelerating technological advancement, latest display technology-touch screen displays that are being used in smart phones, tablets and laptops, probably very soon going to be a mere history. The emerging display technology for electronic gadgets are coming as screen less display technology and going to replace present touch screen display and solve the problem…

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Sodium is widely used as an essential nutrient for smooth functioning of human body. Sodium intake is mandatory for normal operations of the human body. However, excessive intake of sodium causes hypertension and cardiovascular disease. In order to reduce excess sodium content in the body various sodium reducing ingredients are added to the food.…

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AWS Bolsters High Performance Computing Offering With NICE Acquisition

AWS logo  AWS attempted to enhance its high performance computing offering today when it purchased NICE, an Italian software and services company for an undisclosed price. NICE provides a set of tools and technologies that were attractive to AWS, and brings with it an international clientele, which should help AWS expand its market with a set of customers who have high-end compute… Read More

NBA Bolsters Partnership With SAP To Bring Natural Language Queries To Stats Site

NBA Stats homepage.  The NBA announced today that it was bringing natural language queries to its online stats pages on NBA.com. The feature enables fans to type a question in a natural way and the site should come back with your answer without having to dig for it. The feature is launching in Beta starting tomorrow. The technology underlying this new functionality is supplied by a partnership with SAP using… Read More

PayPal Commerce Matches Stripe With PayPal’s Own Native Shopping Toolkit For Apps

email_buy_buttons  PayPal’s first acquisition after it separated from eBay in 2015 was of a young startup called Modest, which had built a platform for small businesses to integrate buy buttons across third-party apps. Now, PayPal is taking the wraps off a new product that will integrate Modest’s technology. PayPal Commerce — as the new service is called — launches today in closed… Read More


Non Compete Disclosure

Hi All, We are owners of 2 very popular breakfast/lunch restaurants.  We hired a woman that worked for us as a manager for about a year at which time, we needed to fire her. We just recently found out that she is now opening a breakfast/lunch restaurant in somewhat of a shabby area in a restaurant building that has not had very much success (various restaurants have tried but all went out of business). Our dilemma is this: She contacted our head cook of 10+ years and has offered him $75 more…

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Tipping: Good or Bad?

Lately I've been hearing a lot of debates about whether or not tipping is good for servers and diners. On the one hand, tipping is not generally based on performance and gives servers an unreliable income. On the other, it creates incentives and increases a servers opportunity to make more money. Here's a few articles I've read recently with some good information. I would love to hear some thoughts and personal expeirneces! A Restaurant Server Explains Why We Shouldn't Abolish Tipping Should…

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United States Baked Snacks Industry 2015 Market Research Report by ReportBazzar

ReportBazzar has announced a new report titled “United States Baked Snacks Industry 2015 Market Research Report “To their offerings.Browse Report summary with TOC:http://www.reportbazzar.com/product/us-baked-snacks-industry-2015-market-research-report/The United States Baked Snacks Industry 2015 Market Research Report is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Baked Snacks industry.The report provides a basic overview of the industry including definitions, classifications,…

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Europe Cookies Industry 2015 Market Research Report by ReportBazzar

ReportBazzar has announced a new report titled “Europe Cookies Industry 2015 Market Research Report “To their offerings. Browse Report summary with TOC: http://www.reportbazzar.com/product/europe-cookies-industry-2015-market-research-report/ The Europe Cookies Industry 2015 Market Research Report is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Cookies industry. The report provides a basic overview of the industry including definitions, classifications, applications and industry…

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United States Cyclamate Industry 2015 Market Research Report by ReportBazzar

ReportBazzar has announced a new report titled “United States Cyclamate Industry 2015 Market Research Report “To their offerings. Browse Report Summary with TOC: http://www.reportbazzar.com/product/united-states-cyclamate-industry-2015-market-research-report/ The United States Cyclamate Industry 2015 Market Research Report is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Cyclamate industry. The report provides a basic overview of the industry including definitions,…

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Yelp Ads

Hello all, I would love to hear some success stories with yelp ads.  Has anyone noticed an increase in business?  Has anyone done more than a 1 year contract because they have seen a difference? Did your rating go up?

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1 Reply · Reply by Tim George Jan 12

Restaurant Loyalty Programs- Worth It?

Lately I've been reading a lot about restaurant loyalty programs and whether or not they are worth it. The Menu Shoppe recently wrote about how loyalty programs increase revenue. I was sold until I read this blog post about how they reduce profits. I am hoping to hear from small restaurant owners who have used these programs and can talk about their results. So restaurant owners, what do you say? Is a restaurant loyalty program worth the effort?

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2 Replies · Reply by Patty Smith Nov 12, 2015

In the News

Livio LauroSouthern Wine & Spirits of Nevada’s senior director of key accounts, and Armando Rosario, Southern’s director of mixology in Orlando, Florida, perused multiple bookstores before finally putting pen to paper. “We noticed that the cocktail book scene has become an interesting story: 500 recipes, 700 recipes, 800 recipes, 1,000 recipes, 2,000 recipes—the more the better,” Lauro says. So rather than contribute a tome boasting 2,001 recipes, they did the next logical thing: The Twelve Cocktails Everyone Needs to Know ($15,TwelveCocktails.com).


Memphis Meats Closes Seed Round Oversubscribed on $2.75m, Expects Huge Demand for Cultured Meat - AgFunderNews via RestTech News

agfundernews.com - Memphis Meats, the startup growing meat in a laboratory, has closed its seed round oversubscribed on $2.75 million after attracting investment from accelerator venture capital firm…

Citrus In The Snow: Geothermal Greenhouses Grow Local Produce In Winter via RestTech News

npr.org - For the Midwesterner who likes to eat local, this time of year is a challenge. Browse the produce shelves in middle America — or any place where snow falls in winter — and you'll find carrots from ...

A Spate of Startups Pursue Slow Food Over Fast Cash | Edible Manhattan via RestTech News

ediblemanhattan.com - It’s the fantasy of nearly every foodie who has made a particularly delectable batch of bread, baklava or bourbon barbecue sauce: Swap the soulless desk job for a Slow Food–style startup and…

Social Media Marketing You Can Use to Promote Your Restaurant via RestTech News

usawebdzines.com - Social media marketing is changing into the main pillar that most marketing efforts are built around. Restaurants use this marketing technique as well as any other type of business and with a good…

How one man stirred up a high-tech cooking revolution in Seattle - GeekWire via RestTech News

geekwire.com - It’s a good time to be a sous vide home chef — and to be a high-tech cooking startup in the Seattle region. Sous vide is a cooking technique that involves the immersion of food in plastic baggies…

Chicago revamps restaurant inspections by tapping into social media via RestTech News

pbs.org - MEGAN THOMPSON: Mark Chmielewski is the Executive Chef at Latinicity, a hip new eatery in downtown Chicago. At this sit-down restaurant, bar, and at 10 food counters customers can watch their sushi...

Millenials and GenXers dominate online grocery shopping in SEA via RestTech News

e27.co - Even with the highs and lows across the region, online grocery delivery services are an integral part of the tech startup scene in Southeast Asia. Companies like Singapore’s RedMart are some of the...

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Sterizon wiZit: A Portable, Wireless, Handheld, WiFi Device for paper replacement of in-store Customer Email List or Eclub or Birthday Club Opt in, Guest Surveys & Feedback, Tweet Followers, Customer Retention, Loyalty, Email Marketing etc at Restaurant, Bar, Pub, Spa, Salon, Golf Club, Automotive, Dealerships, Retail, Hotel, Motels, Trade Shows, Meetings, Conferences, Church etc via RestTech News

sterizon.com - How it Works? Sterizon offers Simple, Quick, Effective, Efficient & Effortless solution with electronic customer input collection using Sterizon wiZit wireless handheld device to meet your…

Talking Hops with the Women of Craft Beer via RestTech News

bloomberg.com - It’s 2016, and while there’s still plenty of progress to be made, the world of craft producing (and enjoying) is treating itself like less of a boys’ club. As of two years ago, Nielsen research…

10 Ways To Promote Your Restaurant On Social Media via RestTech News

restaurantengine.com - Social media greatly increases awareness about your restaurant. Adding social media to your marketing mix can generate more engagement with your restaurant and get more customers in your door. In…

Fruit and veg goes digital in South America - BBC News via RestTech News

bbc.com - A Colombian start-up with no former experience in retail is aiming to shake up the way people buy groceries online. Tech firm Grability has developed Rappi, a smartphone app that aims to makes shop...

5 ways to put social media on your restaurant's menu via RestTech News

hellotesla.com - Is social media marketing on your restaurant’s menu? It should be. These days a social media campaign is an essential component of any marketing plan and this is especially true for restaurants.…

Edyn Raises $2 Million for Smart Gardening Systems via RestTech News

blogs.wsj.com - From drought to El Niño storms, home gardeners throughout the U.S. are combating the effects of extreme weather. To help them make choices about what to plant and when, and nurture their gardens…

Startup Transforms Restaurant-Vendor Interactions via RestTech News

thehoya.com - Two Georgetown University alumni have created a free online and mobile app called BlueCart that aims to revolutionize the way that restaurants and vendors interact. Jagmohan Bansal (GRD ’11) and…

Did You Know Valentines Day Will Contribute $18.6 Billion to the Economy? via RestTech News

swipely.com - According to the National Retail Federation, Valentine's Day spending grows every year. In 2012, people spent $17.6 billion dollars and in 2013 they're estimated to increase spending by another…

Woolworths Trials Commuter Click and Collect - Power Retail via RestTech News

powerretail.com.au - Woolworths has launched a click-and-collect trial service designed to make life easier for busy commuters. The supermarket giant has partnered with Transport New South Wales to trial the program…


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Chicken Salad Chick Opens Second Location In Mobile

Located in the South Landing Retail Center, the new Chicken Salad Chick is owned and operated by long-time franchisee team Misty Lee Hudson and Heath McClure, who currently own one additional location in Mobile and one restaurant in Daphne.

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Michelin-Starred Chef Bites Back at Disgruntled TripAdvisor Reviewer

eater.com - Before the era of the internet, disputes between chefs and diners were generally relegated to the dining room, where perhaps only a few fellow patrons might overhear such a tiff. But thanks to revi...

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Seeing Beyond The Hubris Of Facebook’s Free Basics Fiasco

techcrunch.com - Vivek Wadhwa is an academic, entrepreneur, and author who holds appointments at Stanford, Duke, and Singularity University. At the moment, Facebook is being compared to the treacherous East India C...

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The Great Tech Freakout: An Overview

techcrunch.com - Well if you were looking for lousy news this week, you didn’t need to search long to find it. Days after some hair-raising price falls for publicly traded LinkedIn and Tableau Software (they tanked...

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The Probable, The Possible, The Delusional

techcrunch.com - Eric Paley is a managing partner at Founder Collective. In 1961, President John F. Kennedy told a joint session of Congress that before the end of the decade, America would put a man on the moon. T...

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Franchise News

Burger Kingdom: Arby's Ex-CEO Returns To His Multi-Unit Roots

Tom Garrett breaks down his 30 years with Arby's--first as an assistant manager, then as the brand's largest franchisee, and finally as CEO of the franchisor--this way: "I like to say that 25 of those years were great, 3 were mediocre, and 2 were miserable--in that order."

Digital Media Updates

What kind of dog are you? Microsoft’s Fetch answers the question you never asked

Microsoft is once again harnessing its image recognition technology to grab the Internet's attention. Called Fetch!, the silly app identifies dog breeds using pictures and descriptions. (This reporter is a Doberman Pinscher!) While the Internet might find it as a funny diversion, the company says we're all guinea pigs to fine tune its machine learning software.

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Omnicom’s digital chief: Agencies shouldn’t try to be VCs or compete with Google

Platforms are altering the media business, but not as much as some think, according to Omnicom's Jonathan Nelson. The giant ad holding company doesn't feel the need to build its own tech platforms or start investing in startups. Instead, Omnicom is focused on stitching together giant platforms for clients.

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Copyranter’s advice to aspiring female copywriters

All the trades keep reporting that there’s a “talent crisis” at ad agencies. So why haven’t they hired you yet? the most likely reason is probably because about 95 percent of agency creative directors are male and most of them prefer male creatives because they can then remain comfortably sexist and tell hilarious pussy jokes and, oh yeah, they don’t think you’re tough enough, babe.

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