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It is no brainer that Online Ordering is here to stay. Customers spend most of their time online performing various activities such as browsing social media platforms, reading online newspapers, chatting with friends etc. Mobile has become as an extended organ and so we a part of the online world, We have no choice but to explore every inch of this space to grow our businesses.
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A new Transparency Market Research report states that the global flour market will expand at a CAGR of 3.8% from 2014 to 2020. In 2013, the market stood at US$182.66 billion and is anticipated to reach US$245.82 billion by 2020. The title of the report is “Flour Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2014 - 2020”.The global flour market is majorly stimulated by the rising consumption of dough,…

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ReportBazzar has announced a new report titled “Global Yucca Mohave Extract Industry Report 2015 “To their offerings.

Browse Complete Report with TOC:


The Global Yucca Mohave Extract Industry Report 2015 is a professional and in-depth study on the current…

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The global mushroom market did remarkable business in 2012 and is expected to grow further by 2018, due to increasing demand for organic products in most of the leading national markets. Mushrooms, consumed by millions of people across the globe, are more popular in the countries in the Asia Pacific region, such as China, India, and Japan.…

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Yelp Ads

Hello all, I would love to hear some success stories with yelp ads.  Has anyone noticed an increase in business?  Has anyone done more than a 1 year contract because they have seen a difference? Did your rating go up?

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Is anyone using SimpleOrder?

Hi Everyone, I recently saw an ad for SimpleOrder and it looked interesting. Is anyone using it/know anyone who does? I'm wary of dumping a bunch of money into a system that I hate and won't use. I'm looking for a way to make inventory management and ordering easier and more efficient. Thanks, Beth

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Restaurant Loyalty Programs- Worth It?

Lately I've been reading a lot about restaurant loyalty programs and whether or not they are worth it. The Menu Shoppe recently wrote about how loyalty programs increase revenue. I was sold until I read this blog post about how they reduce profits. I am hoping to hear from small restaurant owners who have used these programs and can talk about their results. So restaurant owners, what do you say? Is a restaurant loyalty program worth the effort?

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Tiffany Lamps Are Beautiful And Have Elegance

If you want to add a touch of class and sophistication to any setting, then you may want one.Tiffany table lamp are made with exquisite pieces of stained glass which are soldered together to form beautiful scenes or conceptual motifs. These beautiful lamps generally have a solid metal base which is also delicately decorated. The designer of these beautiful creations is none other than Louis Comfort Tiffany. The first Tiffany lamp to be made was in New York in 1899. He made it in his studio that…

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Customer Retention - Listen to them

Today, is the day of the most digitally empowered customers! Your guests/customers don't like the experience at your restaurant, they will actively look out to voice their opinion. If the medium they choose to do so is on the internet forums (like Zomato, Yelp etc), then we have a problem. Negative word-of-mouth. This again leads to the dreadful phenomenon of Customer churn. Which means, you need to spent a lot more on advertising  than to grow your customer base Automatically. So now what?…

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THE NEXT STEP YOU TAKE:-The next step you take is the one that matters. You have the power to choose right now what that step will be. Even if you’ve been going for weeks or for years in a negative direction, your next step can be a positive one. Even if it’s a small positive step, it can change your direction and establish a new momentum.No matter where you are or what you’ve done or failed to do, you can now choose to move toward what you value most. The way to make that choice is with your…

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Is This Motivate You?

Opportunity:-You have the opportunity to take a negative situation and transform it into positive value. You have the opportunity to take an ordinary moment and make it into an extraordinary experience.You have the opportunity because you can make a difference. You have the opportunity because you care very deeply about life, and have the ability to put that caring into action.Life can unfold in many different ways, creating an unimaginable variety of situations. In every one of those…

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It’s the start of the most wonderful time of the year, which means that shoppers are beginning to flood malls, boutiques, and other stores for their holiday shopping. In between going from store to store, these shoppers develop a hunger that will ha…
Bharti Batra posted a blog post
When we talk of online ordering, two things that come on top of our heads is website and Mobile app but as a restaurant owner have you ever thought that there could be more to how online ordering can be used to drive higher revenues and increase ord…
3 hours ago
10 Awesome Social Media Tips For A Restaurant - Agent Cuisine via RestTech News

agentcuisine.co.uk - If you own or run a restaurant, you will want to promote your business in the most effective manner. You should find that social media is a great way to promote your restaurant and here are 10…

4 hours ago
TechCrunch Gift Guide 2015 | TechCrunch via RestTech News

techcrunch.com - Our Most Popular Gift Guides 12 Gifts To Inspire The Next Generation Of Coders 11 Really Awesome Gifts That Your Dad Will Actually Want 11 Awesome Gifts For Your Favorite 20-Something 18 Wonderful…

4 hours ago
TechCrunch Disrupt London Is Next Week — Here Are Our Battlefield Judges via RestTech News

techcrunch.com - TechCrunch Disrupt London is next week! (December 7th-8th, Agenda, Tickets). The conference will see our now traditional set-up of a single stage and a Startup Alley. We like to keep things…

4 hours ago
ITU: 3.2B People Now Online Globally, Mobile Broadband Overtakes Home Internet Use via RestTech News

techcrunch.com - The Republic of Korea — a very early adopter both in fast, affordable broadband and next-generation mobile services — has held on to its spot as the most-connected place in the world when it comes…

5 hours ago
Online Grocer RedMart Moves Into On-Demand Services In Singapore via RestTech News

techcrunch.com - RedMart, the online grocery company in Singapore that’s raised over $50 million to date, officially stepped into a new area of business today after it launched an on-demand platform. The new…

6 hours ago
Amy James posted blog posts
6 hours ago
5 Social Media Tips for Restaurants - Launch & Hustle via RestTech News

launchandhustle.com - Who doesn’t like to engage with food? If you’re into selling food then practically everybody out there is your customer. So how do you get folks to engage with the food your restaurant is…

7 hours ago
The New Wave Of Selling On Mobile And Social via RestTech News

techcrunch.com - Dan Leberman is vice president and general manager of PayPal’s North American Online Small & Medium Business unit. The holiday season is here, and shoppers and merchants alike are gearing up for…

7 hours ago
Automotive Disruption From The Bay Area To Atlanta via RestTech News

techcrunch.com - Zach Klempf is the founder and CEO of Selly Automotive. Never has the traditional automotive business model been under constant siege as it is today from multiple fronts. Technology has not only…

8 hours ago
A Designer's WordPress Social Media Plugin - Web Design Portfolio | Don Peterson via RestTech News

webdesignportfolio.us - There is one thing I find maddening about most Social Media tools for WordPress. There is usually a limitation on the amount of customization that can be done. It's true that you can go into the…

8 hours ago
Mary Jane posted a blog post
ReportBazzar has announced a new report titled “Global Yucca Mohave Extract Industry Report 2015 “To their offerings.Browse Complete Report with TOC:http://www.reportbazzar.com/product/global-yucca-mohave-extract-ind... Global Yucc…
8 hours ago
How Social Media Has Impacted the Restaurant Industry! - DAK via RestTech News

dalevillealabamakitchens.com - The instant access and wide availability of social media has transformed the way information is disseminated. People are now able to follow the daily activities of their favorite celebrities,…

9 hours ago
The True Impact Of The Snapchat Writedown For Entrepreneurs via RestTech News

techcrunch.com - Aziz Gilani is a managing director for the Mercury Fund. Snapchat is worth a lot less this month than it was last month. Fidelity, one of tech’s most active late-stage cross-over investors,…

9 hours ago
Addie Thomes posted a blog post
Bioactive ingredients refer to supplementary bio-molecules that are present in foods to adapt one or more metabolic progression for superior health. Bioactive food ingredients are typically found in multiple forms such as glycosylated, esterified, t…
10 hours ago

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