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We just grabbed these from Tabeau Public as a point of reference. It's interesting how VC's have decided now is a good time to do what they could have been doing for quite some time. I guess it's better late than never? I just hope they enlist some real industry experts that have real perspective to ensure sector investing isn't a bubble and crashes...Read More


Restaurant job openings top a half-million...again

There were 583,000 job openings at restaurants and lodging places on the last business day in July, on a seasonally-adjusted basis. This represented the seventh consecutive month with job openings in excess of a half-million, the first such occurrence in nearly seven years. It was also a jump of more than 100,000 job openings over what was reported at the end of last year. At the same time, the pace of hiring in the hospitality sector is also the rise. Restaurants and lodging places filled…

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What Can Online Ordering Do For Your Restaurant

There are many things that online ordering can do for a restaurant. A restaurant needs to be efficient and in the minds of their consumers to stay at a competitive place in the market. There are many things that a restaurant needs to have to stay competitive. Online ordering can help with those items in a large way. Online ordering can help a restaurant much more efficient for them. Online ordering has allowed customers the ability to speed up the process of ordering. They are now able to…
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Food Investing Continues...

Just grabbed these from Tabeau Public as a point of reference> Interesting how VC's have decided now is a good time to do what they could have been doing for quite some time. I guess, better late than never? I just hope they enlist some real industry experts that have real perspective to ensure sector investing isn't a bubble and crashes because too much money is flowing to the wrong entrepreneurs and/or the wrong…

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Web-Based Restaurant Training: It's a Team Sport

Restaurateurs know proactive training translates to bottom line performance, and things like great service, high standards, and expert menu knowledge don't come easily. Precious time required for training can be obliterated by the chaos that defines the restaurant business. Successful restaurants depend on teamwork: they huddle up for daily pre-shift meetings, hold each other accountable, and look to their veteran players in every position to…

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The World of Technology

Leaked Clips Show Windows 9 In Action

jasdfjksdf-1 (1)  Around two weeks out from the purported release date of the technical preview of Windows 9, videos of the upcoming operating system have hit the Internet. German site WinFuture has released a mess of screenshots and videos of the upcoming code over the past few days, to our benefit. A number of clips are up for watching, detailing how Windows 9 will handle multiple desktops, the return of… Read More

A Better Look At What’s Next For Windows

screen-shot-2014-07-11-at-8-54-02-am  Two important things happened this week in Windows: It became more evident that the Windows Phone branding that Microsoft has pressed for years is likely set to fade, and Windows 9 was detailed in greater focus thanks to a large leak. The two events are linked, given that Microsoft is widely expected to better unite Windows, Windows RT, and Windows Phone. There won’t be three… Read More

Eucalyptus CEO Sudden OpenStack Conversion Makes More Sense In Light of HP Purchase

Man in shadow sees bright light through the window.  Last month Eucalyptus CEO Mårten Mickos, a long-time critic of OpenStack, had a sudden change of heart. Yesterday his company was purchased by HP, a company that itself embraced OpenStack this year in a big way. Hard to imagine the timing of Mickos’ OpenStack epiphany was a coincidence. He wrote a blog post on his company website last month, explaining his change in thinking. He… Read More

Voice Marketing Company Ifbyphone Raises $30M More, Acquires Competitor Mongoose Metrics

ifbyphone  Ifbyphone, a maker of voice marketing software, is announcing that it has raised $30 million in additional funding. It’s also revealing one of the main uses for that money — the acquisition of competitor Mongoose Metrics. This doubles Ifbyphone’s funding from $30 million to $60 million. The round comes from new investor NewSpring Capital, as well as previous backers Apex… Read More



THE NEXT STEP YOU TAKE:-The next step you take is the one that matters. You have the power to choose right now what that step will be. Even if you’ve been going for weeks or for years in a negative direction, your next step can be a positive one. Even if it’s a small positive step, it can change your direction and establish a new momentum.No matter where you are or what you’ve done or failed to do, you can now choose to move toward what you value most. The way to make that choice is with your…

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Is This Motivate You?

Opportunity:-You have the opportunity to take a negative situation and transform it into positive value. You have the opportunity to take an ordinary moment and make it into an extraordinary experience.You have the opportunity because you can make a difference. You have the opportunity because you care very deeply about life, and have the ability to put that caring into action.Life can unfold in many different ways, creating an unimaginable variety of situations. In every one of those…

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HMSHost Jobs

HMSHost has openings for Restaurant Shift Supervisors Restaurant  - BNA – Nashville International Airport Restaurant Lovers? #HMSHost is hiring Restaurant Shift Supervisors @ BNA! 6 mnths exp. Apply! http://jobs.hmshost.com/Nashville-TN/jobs.aspx     Restaurant  - TYS – Knoxville Airport Location Restaurant Lovers? #HMSHost is hiring Restaurant Shift Supervisors @ TYS! Must have 6 months of exp. Apply online today! http://jobs.hmshost.com/Alcoa-TN/jobs.aspx

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Hiring a Sous Chef/ Potential for Executive Chef in Near Future

We are currently seeking a qualified Sous Chef.  Quality of Life, with Five day work week/ guaranteed Sundays off.  The right candidate will assist the Executive Chef. We are looking to ehoxpand and wanting to train the right person to be an Executive Chef and Partner at the next location.  Please email me your resume at: shelly.kw@hotmail.com  Location.  Canton/ Woodstock, Georgia

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Line Cooks vs Caterers

Recently The Painted Table expanded to an experimental Bistro partnership.  Taming down our nouvelle style cuisine we made a menu in less than two days while "Restaurant Impossible-ing" the grime coated kitchen.  In two days we went from nothing to full fledged bistro and the discussion I bring to the table is what everyone else thinks of the differences between a line cook and a caterer. During our time in the bistro we sent over each of our Catering Food Warriors to the Bistro to learn how to…

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During the week, we consume words in snackable, tweetable bites.…

Must Reads: The #Longreads You Missed This Week via Food, Tech & Media Today

mashable.com - During the week, we consume words in snackable, tweetable bites. But on the weekends, we have the time to take a dive into the murkier, lengthier depths of the Internet and expand our attention spa...

Webfactories / Responsive websites and social media for restaurants via Food, Tech & Media Today

webfactories.biz - Does he look for reviews on Google? Does he check the rating on the Better Business Bureau? Nope. Instead, he checks it out on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Urbanspoon, etc. 
According to ...

Burger King introducing all black burger via Food, Tech & Media Today

usatoday.com - Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about Burger King Japan is rolling out a new all black, Kuro Burger in which a black pepper burger will be covered in black cheese, blac...

7 tips for better tweets | Social Media content from Restaurant Hospitality via Food, Tech & Media Today

restaurant-hospitality.com - No question social media channels can be a powerful, cost-effective way for restaurant operators to get their marketing message out. Among restaurants that rely on them, Twitter, used by 77…

App aims to make dine and dash acceptable - The Globe and Mail via Food, Tech & Media Today

theglobeandmail.com - Torontonians are being encouraged to dine and dash at a growing number of top restaurants — if they have the right app installed on their smartphones. The made-in-Toronto Tab Payments app frees res...

Why the future of food tastes like a mealworm via Food, Tech & Media Today

greenbiz.com - A chili-lime mealworm was not my first pick for a snack, but it turned out to be quite delicious. Not to mention food for thought. The worms (really insect larvae) were prepared by a San Francisco-...

Uber to Deliver Groceries via Food, Tech & Media Today

gadgetsandgizmos.org - The success of the Uber taxi and private hire app had led to the firm starting to offer a grocery delivery service. At the moment, the Corner Store facility is only available in the US. It is an op...

Why Whole Foods is Losing the Organic Battle Against Wal-Mart, But Winning the War via Food, Tech & Media Today

fool.com - It makes sense that food sold at Whole Foods Market (NASDAQ: WFM  ) has historically been more expensive than other supermarkets' offerings. When you sell organic foods, prices are bound to be high...

10 Excellent Restaurant Marketing Ideas via Food, Tech & Media Today

toptensocialmedia.com - It is no secret that the restaurant industry is ultra competitive.  It is also well known that the failure rate is pretty high too.  Making it in the restaurant business requires more than just gre...

Food+Tech Connect 10 Topics to Know Cold for The Perfect VC Pitch: Part 2 - Food+Tech Connect via Food, Tech & Media Today

foodtechconnect.com - Guest post by Brian Witlin, COO at Yummly. The views expressed here are solely those of the author, and do not reflect the views of Food+Tech Connect. This is part II of III of of a 3 part series o...

The Two Words a Restaurant Employee Wrote on a Receipt That Resulted in His Suspension and Triggered a Social Media Uproar via Food, Tech & Media Today

theblaze.com - A black Texas restaurant employee was suspended after he wrote “Black Girls” on a receipt this weekend in an effort he said was to remember the names of the patrons he was serving. According to KPR...

Food+Tech Connect $740M Pumped into Food Tech in July, The Most Innovative Women in Food & Drink + More - Food+Tech Connect via Food, Tech & Media Today

foodtechconnect.com - Every week we curate and deliver the latest food tech news, trends and startup resources to our readers’ inboxes. Tracking the top technology and innovation happenings across agriculture, CPG, reta...

HMSHost Recognized For Diversity Practices in Aviation Industry - HMSHost - Making the Traveler's Day Better HMSHost – Making the Traveler's Day Better via Food, Tech & Media Today

hmshost.com - BETHESDA, MD —Airports Council International-North America (ACI-NA) has honored global restaurateur HMSHost with its ACI-NA Inclusion Champion Award for the World Business Partners/Associates categ...

Food+Tech Connect Must-Attend Food Tech Events: Fall Edition - Food+Tech Connect via Food, Tech & Media Today

foodtechconnect.com - The food tech space just keeps heating up, and there are lots of conferences, summits and other rad gatherings popping up all over the place. In fact, there are so many that it’s hard to stay on to...

Grocery Delivery Service Partners With Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market « CBS Philly via Food, Tech & Media Today

philadelphia.cbslocal.com - PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you love the upscale, gourmet goodies you can buy at Reading Terminal but hate the crowds and lack of affordable parking nearby, you’re going to be pretty excited about…


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Your free U2 album may have cost Apple $100 million

digitaltrends.com - After Apple had finished showing off the new iPhones and its smartwatch to the world, U2 took to the stage at Tuesday’s press event, with Tim Cook announcing that the group’s latest album would be ...

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Implementing The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has introduced widespread changes to the healthcare landscape. It has increased the availability, quality, and affordability of health insurance for the general population, regardless of age, gender, or pre-existing medical conditions.

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